Sunday, July 15, 2007


OK I got tagged by Ida and this is my first time being tagged, although I must admit that if this had come by email that there is no way that I would be responding because I have done way to many of these but because you are all so nice about sharing with me I thought that I would give this a try... I will also not really play by the rules because I know most everyone I check has been tagged before but if not consider yourself tagged and link back to this comment so that I can check them out. Maybe I will find some new blogs to look at - wouldn't that be cool!!! So I am supposed to share 7 things about myself, so here it goes...

1 - I love to mountain climb, go mountain biking, and white water rafting.

2 - I was born in Northern British Columbia.

3 - I am a full time working mother - currently of one 14 month old and life is very hectic.

4 - I love to read the Bible and wish that I could spend all my time with the LORD and potentially would love to go back to a bible school or seminary - just to go deeper with the LORD. Time seems to escape me these days.

5 - Spending each moment my sweet little girl is awake with her - even when she is not awake, watching her sleep in my arms is worth 10 billion dollars (OK really can you put a price tag on that) Right now I am thinking about those AMEX commercials where they give you the price of two things but that third item is priceless. That is what time with my daughter is like - ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!!

6 - I am a college graduate with a degree in Environmental Science. I was selected as the student speaker for both the full Western Washington University Graduation Ceremony and the Huxley College Graduation Ceremony where I talked about sustainability and carpooling, walking or riding your bike to work. We just bought a SUV that I drive to work for safety. The selling point was the DVD player for my daughter. Boy how priorities change.

and last by not least...

7 - GIVE ME JESUS!!! Jesus died for me and then rose again, so that I may have life and life more abundantly - so give me Jesus! I must realize that life more abundantly is not a quarantee that I will be rich but I will have all my needs met. Needs not wants and it has been just awesome watching how the LORD has provided for us daily. I have a full time job but my husband is self employed and does not advertise his work but somehow even when there should not be anything there is always enough to provide for our needs. It is just Awesome to see Him work in our lives! Praying that for each of you to!

8 - I absolutely love scrapbooking and cardmaking and stamping. They are just awesome! I know one more than required but that is ok, isn't it?

I will be posting a new card hopefully today because I just love the weekend sketch challenges that Beate does. So thanks for viewing and reading. Sometimes I wonder if there are people out there because sometimes the counter goes up but no new comments, but that is the same here I mostly just look and sometimes post a comment. better get better at that.

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Ida said...

Hi Sara, Thanks for playing the "tag" game. I enjoyed reading your 7 (make that 8) things. I was also happy to note that you are a Christian and not afraid to state it either. Hope you have a great week. Ida