Monday, April 7, 2008


I have moved to for my blog. The uploads for pictures are much faster and it seems to be a great site. So please check out my new site at:
Just give me Jesus

Monday, March 31, 2008


Wow, I made it! I made a card last night and then looked at the challenge again and decided that it didn't quite work. I do love the card and am posting it here because I do love it, but the second one is great too. I do not have the nestabilities so tried my best to make the cute outline and think it worked but sure do want those ;-) Anyway, had a great time with this challenge and thanks for checking.


Monday, March 24, 2008

WSC40 and BIC5

I must admit that I had a great time with the Be Inspired Challenge that Beate posted here. It challenged me to think outside of the box and I really love how the card turned out. I have the older style Creative Memories Circle and Oval cutters and love how it turned out with the different sizes and shapes.

Then I was not even going to do this challenge for WSC40, but when I was making this card for my Mother in Law, it just turned out to fit. So it was fun. I also used the same paper that I will be posting later of my OSW cards. I am having so much fun with them but they are not all done yet.

Thanks for the challenge and checking.

Monday, March 17, 2008

WSC39 and an altered notebook

Well the time has come for me to take the plunge and finally alter this notebook that my sister got me back in November 2003. I have always loved the picture in the center of the front cover but the rest of the cover has always been a bit... Not too sure about it. But now I love it! I didn't do to much to alter it but love how it turned out. I took my inspiration from the WSC that Beate had this weekend. Didn't follow exactly as I moved the placement on both items, the card and the notebook. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration Beate and the challenges, always fun. Thanks for checking!

I am so glad that I finally updated the front of this notebook, maybe I will finally use it for my many thoughts???

This is a close up of the stenciled area that reflects what this notebook will finally be used for.

Here is the fun card that I made with this sketch.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


What a great challenge. I was not sure what I would be making with this challenge and then I went to Drama practice yesterday and knew I needed to make a card for the director - she had lost track a little as the whole team was together for the first time. The actors practice their lines and dancers practice at another location. This is a ministry drama called HisACTS - such a great team. I work as the Stage Manager and love seeing everything come together, however... The inspiration came from the Directors Shoes. They caught my eye looking like 'So Saffron' and 'Close to Cocoa' little flowers so I tried, freehand style, to make the design. That is where the center square comes from. I added the flourish to the bottom that looked bare and did some paper piercing followed by a watercolor pencil to look like Faux Stiching. I love how it turned out. The heart in the center does not look so pink in life. Thanks for a great sketch Beate and thanks for checking!

Be Inspired Challenge by Beate...

I love her challenges and this one was especially fun. I think I did it the same day or next but getting to the computer now a days to actually post something seems to take forever. But, that's OK as I had a great time with this one. I used the chalkboard technique that Beate had posted earlier since I do not have a whole bunch of colors the chalk allows me to use more than I have...

I got to use colors on this that I would not normally use and did not use my most elaborate flowers as I did not know how the chalk would work with them. I did experiment with the one under the corner a little using more colors and I think it turned out great. Chalk and paper are SU, as well as the flourishes and the big flower the other two flowers are just some clear stamps that I have had for a little while. Thanks for checking!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Well apparently I missed the new deadline for posting this but I did get it done and still wanted to share, along with other items that I have been working on. I will post those later today. I saw the bouncing brayer technique and thought it would work perfect for what I wanted to do with this card but the ink colors that I had were all too dark. So I ended up using chalk and ink to try to mimic the look of the bouncing brayer. I love how it turned out and am going to share with my friend and maybe make another card or two. My mom purchased the He is Risen set from Gina K Designs and I just love it. So much fun! Hope you enjoy as well. Thanks for checking!