Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fresh and Fun Weekend Sketch Challenge #9

I finally got a chance to make this card. I was excited about this one as I have never made this type of card before and it was a challenge because I messed up on the tutorial, although written just fine, I just could not follow for some reason - maybe not thinking clearly after a weekend of camping. So much fun!

Here is the card. I think it might need a little more on the inside. A saying or some flowers or something like that - what do you all think? Myabe at the top inside corner on the outside of the little inner card - does that make any sense at all???


beate said...

Sara, I think the inside is fine. That leaves more room to write to your friend. I really like how your card came out. Sorry you had a hard time with it. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. Hugs and smiles

Lois said...

Hi Sara - just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog. I love yours!!! Your cards are just gorgeous. I'll be sure to visit often!

Corie said...

Great card for the challenge. I love your colors!!!