Sunday, October 7, 2007


This was a fun one, just wish that I had completed it yesterday but our DVD player died and we had to get a new one, Veggie Tales is very important you know... So we ended up shopping and not only getting the dvd player but also a 42" plasma TV. We were going to be getting one anyway, but were waiting until the addition was completed (still haven't started construction, just finishing up plans) But why buy a DVD player for a tv when you would just have to buy one again when we got this new TV, so sooner than expected but oh well...

Back to the Card, it was a fun challenge and I am glad that I got the chance to complete it on the weekend. Thanks for another fun one Beate!


beate said...

Thanks for doing the challenge. Your card turned out great.
Hugs and smiles

granny laurie said...

Sara, great card. You know now that your dad will want a 42 inch or bigger tv. Thanks lol. Is that card for anyone we know??? mom