Wednesday, August 29, 2007

10 for 1 challenge

Wow!!! I did not think that we would get through this one. Korin asked if anyone would try the 10 for 1 templates and I thought it would be fun to introduce my mom to making cards while she was here for a visit. I thought it would give us something to do while my DD is napping. Boy it took a little longer than I anticipated but it sure was fun. We each made 10 different cards each. They do not match exactly but they turned out great for the paper we each chose. The challenge was to use four different pieces of paper, follow the template and make ten cards. We did it!!! and here are our cards, my mom started with christmas paper but made several different types of cards and I needed to make several thank you cards but ended up with some great aniversary or valentines day cards as well. So much fun!

These are my cards and the next post will have my moms cards ;-)


Christina said...

I love all the paper. These turned out really good.

Thanks for making the day so great.
I know my mom had fun. I will remember this always.

Flossie's Follies said...

These cards are lovely, I have never tried the 10 for 1 but you have really nailed this one. I have posted your RAK card, sorry it took so long to post. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

As my daughter knows I am very computer challenged, and so this will be my fourth attempt at leaving a comment. Sara, the days spent with you and Abigail and Terry were the best, and learning to make those cards was awesome. i learned quite a few tricks that will help with my scrapbookking. Thank you so much love you mom