Sunday, November 4, 2007

Harvest Time

I have been very busy with trying to take picture of my daughter for her 18 month pictures, now that I have a really nice camera I do not want to spend the money going to a photographer. But, I did find some time to make up these pumpkins that I saw on Polished to Perfections web page. Super Easy and very fun. Next I am going to try making the Christmas trees that she gave 7 examples of. They look so fun and will be great as some decorations since we are not having a tree this year. Small ones will be just fine for us...

I really loved the first and second one so much that I couldn't even share with my Mother in law for their 40th anniversary, sorry!!! They are sitting on my candle holder in place of a couple of the candles and look great. The third one I really made specifically for my Mother in law. I thought that it would be perfect for the celebration and it fit in perfectly.

This is a picture of all three of them together in my little pumpkin patch!


~Carla~ said...

OMG! These rock!! They are just SO cool! Love them!!! :)

Kellie Fortin said...

Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers. Weren't they a blast to make. Check out this weeks projects at