Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan

Yesterday was my nephews birthday. When my Mom was here I made a card and sent it off with her to give to him. He was not all that excited about the card but loved the cash inside ;-) He is now 7 years old and I just cannot believe it, amazing how time flies. Love him so much and cannot wait to see him and his brother at christmas;-)


granny laurie said...

Sara, don't feel bad about Ryan not really looking at the card, he did not lok at any of the cards unless they had something inside like $$$. Missed you all and wish you could have been there. lots of love mom

Ijsbeer said...

aw this is so cute! at least he liked the cash. lol.

Elaine said...

Who makes those cute little piggie stamps? I have nephews/cousins that I need this stamp for! VERY cute!@!!